Monthly Archives: November 2006

Nokia N95

Unless Motorola can really step up with a slimmer, smarter device I’m quite happy to wait for what will be my next phone – the Nokia N95. View the ad on Youtube here. So Nokia, my Motorola is broken, now is your chance to snag me back as a customer. How about helping me out with a gift or demo model for a blogger who also used to work (contract) for you? I promise to …

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Here’s a little sentiment on how I’m feeling about work right now, courtesy the Weeds Season 2 Finale… Tags: SOAP, snakes, plane, Weeds

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Anti Blog

I’m far too tired/busy/shallow/hungover/lazy/pissed-off-with-firefox-crashing to write a real blog entry today, so I’m just gonna pretend I wrote something real good and if you like you can comment on it. Note the lack of any link to any external page, no image and yes, no content. Enjoy! Tags: blog, laziness

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