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20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord

Ok, so it’s kinda like my job a labour of love and tribute to talent to make sure their website stays up and running all perfeshinal and serving poes-cool next level beats and pics, so today I saw they’ve updated with 20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord (It’s on their “About” page.) Here are a few of my faves:

1-NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK made all their music, music videos, video stings, photos, and this next-level interwebsite all on their own with the help of some good friends.

3-NINJA has a secret fairy forest tattoo on left arm that he covers with bass. (Isn’t that “heavy bass”??)

5-Yo-landi’s mom cuts her hair, but she gets her hair dyed at SCAR HAIR. Yo-landi says: It’s always important to remember your roots.

7-NINJA likes Dolfins.

10-ZEF is a unique South African term that has been around for fuck knows how long. This term was made famous 10 years ago by a next-level interwebsite called

17-NINJA does not sit like a doos with a koki pen and draw every single one of his tattoos on in the exact same identical place every time he has to be in a photo or a music video or a rap show you fuckin idiot, or wait…maybe he does. Jissis!

19-DIE ANTWOORD raps for the Chosen Ones.

Visit the site for the rest: DieAntwoord

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The domain is now controlled and managed by Die Antwoord’s Artist Management company.
When the domain was transferred to them they failed to update the WHOIS information to the new management, which is why my details are still on record as the owner. They have subsequently not paid the domain renewal fees, but it’s out of my hands.

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