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I wonder if Julius knows what an interwebs is… cos the interwebs sure knows who he is:

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20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord

Ok, so it’s kinda like my job a labour of love and tribute to talent to make sure their website stays up and running all perfeshinal and serving poes-cool next level beats and pics, so today I saw they’ve updated with 20 Fun Facts About Die Antwoord (It’s on their “About” page.) Here are a few of my faves:

1-NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK made all their music, music videos, video stings, photos, and this next-level interwebsite all on their own with the help of some good friends.

3-NINJA has a secret fairy forest tattoo on left arm that he covers with bass. (Isn’t that “heavy bass”??)

5-Yo-landi’s mom cuts her hair, but she gets her hair dyed at SCAR HAIR. Yo-landi says: It’s always important to remember your roots.

7-NINJA likes Dolfins.

10-ZEF is a unique South African term that has been around for fuck knows how long. This term was made famous 10 years ago by a next-level interwebsite called

17-NINJA does not sit like a doos with a koki pen and draw every single one of his tattoos on in the exact same identical place every time he has to be in a photo or a music video or a rap show you fuckin idiot, or wait…maybe he does. Jissis!

19-DIE ANTWOORD raps for the Chosen Ones.

Visit the site for the rest: DieAntwoord