Hayibo.com Spreading Like Wildfire

Over the past week three independent sources have shown up with the words “hayibo.com” on their lips. Hayibo’s got a great flavour of satire to their stuff – just enough humour but almost believable when taken in the african context… Check it out.

Facebook versus WordPress

Interesting quote by Fred Wilson, discussing the relatively small difference in visitors between facebook and wordpress over the past year, and the extremely large difference in their financing amounts: But trust me on this one. The blogging revolution is the adult social network whereas Facebook style social networking is for teens and college kids. This […]


And we’re back, after a server operating system upgrade. We seem to have come through relatively unscathed, except for a first-time broken reprovision attempt and GoDaddy‘s attempts to extort $25 out of me for a user name/password combo that I did not fuck up…

I hate Christmas in November

Why is it that we are forced to deal with Christmas decorations and advertisements starting in October already? It really amplifies the commercial aspect of Christmas, and by the time Christmas comes the shit has already fallen down or we’ve seen the ad a million times. Bah humbug. — Here are a couple of quotes […]

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