BMW S1000RR Pulls a Few Tricks

Clearly the new BMW S1000 RR has a few tricks up its sleeve. Real or not? I can’t be sure, though I suspect some hidden “German engineering” was involved – nothing on the table seemed to move at all.When I tried this with my Fireblade last night it turned into a whole lot more fun […]

7 Points In Defense Of The Biker

Image by TeecNosPos via Flickr Saul K, from the Outlet, has an issue with bikers. Time to bring out the sparring gloves. Actually, no. We all have to share the roads, and a large portion of bikers wish to do it in the safest manner possible. If you think our roads are currently bad for […]

Paper Craft Motorcycle Replicas from Yamaha

So say you perhaps crashed your motorcycle and hurt your knee and can’t ride are a bit bored and feeling like getting on with a rewarding new project, or you just want to test your patience in a manner that has nothing to do with getting stuck in morning traffic, head over to Yamaha’s Paper […]

Raffaele De Rosa Spectacular Non-Highside

Rafaelle de Rosa almost highsided himself off his bike in the 250cc qualifying session at the 2009 Mugello race, but somehow he manages to steer the bike back on track, climb off his knees, and continue on. 10/10. Some people would say I could learn a thing or two from him!!! 😉

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