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I Am Epic Win – DirecTV viral

Cool advertising campaign by DirecTV, “I am Epic Win”:

It’s the follow up to “Opulence, I has it”:

And you can check out the Miniature Lap Giraffes here.


“Senna” Shows Formula 1 at its Best

From the footage in this trailer, it is clear that Formula 1 of today cannot hold a candle to what it used to be. “Senna” looks like a brilliant examination of that golden era, and should be on everyone’s movie wishlist. I get butterflies when watching this trailer. I really can’t wait to see the whole flick.

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Raffaele De Rosa Spectacular Non-Highside

Rafaelle de Rosa almost highsided himself off his bike in the 250cc qualifying session at the 2009 Mugello race, but somehow he manages to steer the bike back on track, climb off his knees, and continue on. 10/10. Some people would say I could learn a thing or two from him!!! 😉

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Holy Crap, Windows 3.1 Runs on the N95

This is probably the most amazing sign of the times I’ve seen!

I am now, officially, an old-timer. Tech-Grandpa Shaun.

Fortunately not yet a has-been.

It really puts the pace of progress in perspective when I see Windows 3.1, the first GUI “operating system” I ever crashed and re-installed, running on the Nokia N95, the very same phone I now have in my pocket today. There’s a bit of DosBox hackery involved, but I am absolutely gobsmacked. Now I need to go dig out some floppy disks

[Via Gizmodo]


Psyched for Google Calendar Sync [Organized Everywhere]

My life just got simpler today. My work life also grew closer to my personal life, but there’s fortunately a benefit there – when the work schedule is easier to access and maintain it makes my personal life easier to manage too. No more missed meetings. No more missed rugby matches!! No more missed public holidays.

Google Calendar and Outlook Synced

In just a few minutes, Google Calendar Sync has changed my life. My Microsoft Outlook is synchronized with Google Calendar.

All is well with the world.

[Update: This SO rocks! Using Lightning Calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and the Provider for Google Calendar Add On, I now have THREE WAY SYNC between Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning Calendar. Woohoo!]

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