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It’s the next evolutionary step in the female of the species slowly dominating our world. Then again, as a supposedly superior bunch, you’d think women would realise men actually need little extra incentive to buy and drink beer.


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Win a 3 year School of Advertising Bursary

AAA School of Advertising (the name must be a legacy yellow-pages hack) and Springleap just sent me details of a competition for aspiring designers and marketers at high schools across the country. Design a T-Shirt, market it to get votes, most votes wins. The prize: a 3 year bursary to learn everything the AAA School of Ads can teach you, which is hopefully a hell of a lot. That’s a damn good prize, kids.

I’ll let the, uhm, video, explain a bit more. You may want to turn your speakers down a bit – clearly the caffeine has been flowing thick and fast at Springleap HQ… 🙂

More details can be found here: Teen T-shirt competition.

So once you’ve got a design, then what? Here’s a few ideas once voting starts:

  • SMS/MMS your buddies about the design/competition.
  • Facebook your friends – work it – start a group for your t-shirt design – pimp your facebook status out to the mercy of your friends’ votes.
  • Mxit up and start the discussion on the design.
  • I hate to say it, but get your school involved – the lower classes can’t enter the competition, but a vote is a vote…
  • Go old school – contact your local newspaper and let them know – you’d be surprised at the results.
  • Stand on a street corner and sell your body for votes.

I think you get the idea.

Oh, and there’s something there about Drug Education too. Yes, teenagers, you should always know the difference, between kat, tik, and cocaine. 😉

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The $300 Million Button – How Small Design Details Make Big Differences

A row of shopping carts.
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Here’s Jared Spool’s story in which he tells how a single change to a site’s shopping cart checkout process from a forced registration to an optional registration increased the site’s annual revenues by $300 Million!

As one of the “test customers” says in the article. “I’m not here to be in a relationship. I just want to buy something.”

Yes, sometimes you simply do not need the 6 step registration, newsletter and community feel. Avoid the hype and get the job done.

I think a lot of South African sites can learn something from that statement. (Nice work, springleap!)

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