Daybreakers: Movie Trailer [Not Twilight Disney Crap]

Vampire movies rock. Gotta love em. Nothing is quite so entertaining as avoiding sunlight, crucifixes and wooden stakes and sporting a couple of fangs and some superhuman abilities. But I’m not talking about the vamp movie with the emo fag and his pale girlfriend from High-School-Musical-meets-Underworld Disney hit, Twilight. There’s a new one on the […]

Pirate Bay Sold, Founder Sunde to Retire in Cape Town?

Image via Wikipedia So the hot news on the interwebs is that the world’s largest torrent tracking site is due to be sold to a private Swedish gaming firm, who will attempt to turn the service legit. Shades of Napster‘s demise loom large, but hopefully this time the record companies and the motion picture association […]

Happy Birthday Vernon Koekemoer!

It’s been a long exciting road this past year for the Vernon Koekemoer legend. From the site to facebook to being all over the intwerwebs on Youtube and Zoopy and BlueWorld and more. So here’s a hat tip to Cassie Booyse – the coolest guy on the planet, indeed He R Legend, as we […]

Terminator: Salvation Awesome Movie Trailer

As an avid fan of the entire trilogy and series I cannot wait for the new Terminator movie, this time featuring Batman himself as John Connor. With him around, the humans surely cannot lose. Related articles: Christian Bale goes ballistic on set of Terminator: Salvation movie ( Arts, Briefly: The ‘Terminator’ to Keep on Terminating […]

Liveblogging The Terminator

So what better way to re-watch an old classic than to Liveblog it. Here’s “The Terminator” : 00:00:05 What? This isn’t Star Wars? 00:01:03 Oh no, Johnny Five? Are you lost again? 00:03:57 There can be only one Highlander… 00:05:37 Couple cans short of a sixpack… Not Arnie! Plenty sixpack there. 00:06:25 What happened to […]

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