Monday Morning Marriage Videos

So here are some happy videos to kick off that boring, blue Monday with a bang and prove that there is still fun in the world. And don’t worry ladies/mum – The fact that they’re all marriage-themed means nothing. 🙂 First the invitation (Gotta love Vampire Weekend!): And then the big-bang entrance:

UCT RAG Helps You Launch Your Band

The guys at UCT RAG have an awesome competition going for all up and coming bands. Basically it’s a battle of the bands with a stack of great prizes, including: A gig at Assembly, a slot at Rocking the Daisies, a playing contract, a voucher from Marshall Music, a professional photoshoot and more. Even better, […]

Terminator: Salvation Awesome Movie Trailer

As an avid fan of the entire trilogy and series I cannot wait for the new Terminator movie, this time featuring Batman himself as John Connor. With him around, the humans surely cannot lose. Related articles: Christian Bale goes ballistic on set of Terminator: Salvation movie ( Arts, Briefly: The ‘Terminator’ to Keep on Terminating […]

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