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Monday Morning Marriage Videos

So here are some happy videos to kick off that boring, blue Monday with a bang and prove that there is still fun in the world. And don’t worry ladies/mum – The fact that they’re all marriage-themed means nothing. 🙂

First the invitation (Gotta love Vampire Weekend!):

And then the big-bang entrance:

Entertainment Music

UCT RAG Helps You Launch Your Band

The guys at UCT RAG have an awesome competition going for all up and coming bands. Basically it’s a battle of the bands with a stack of great prizes, including:

A gig at Assembly,
a slot at Rocking the Daisies,
a playing contract,
a voucher from Marshall Music,
a professional photoshoot and more.

Even better, all the proceeds obtained from the project will be donated towards the UCT RAG beneficiary SHAWCO which runs education and health programmes in the underprivilaged areas of the Western Cape.

Entries close 13 April 2009, so get your entries in ASAP. Just drop a mail to launchyourband [at]
Hell, maybe its time for me to dust off the old six-string and rustle up some bad-ass ninjas to enter this competition with me.
I look forward to seeing and hearing the results of this series of gigs.
Entertainment Movies

Terminator: Salvation Awesome Movie Trailer

As an avid fan of the entire trilogy and series I cannot wait for the new Terminator movie, this time featuring Batman himself as John Connor. With him around, the humans surely cannot lose.