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FIFA World Cup Durban Site Cookie Fail

Apparently the 2010 Durban FIFA World Cup site cost 6.5 million bucks to develop. Yeah. R6.5 million. R 6 500 000. I’m making that a tax deduction on my IRP5 next year.

I asked for more details, but only time will tell if they release that info.

Anyway, according to their Privacy Policy the site does not use cookies. Firefox has something else to say about that.

Durban 2010 Website does make use of cookies.
Durban 2010 Website does make use of cookies.

It doesn’t really matter, but it adds to the general feeling of incompetence coming from Adapt-IT, the site “developers”.

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Hi Richard, if the cookies were set by google analytics they would be set from a google server, which they are not. The cookies I found were set by whatever CMS the site is using (Sharepoint, I think) (!!)

Anyway they must have seen my gripe as it appears they have updated and changed their privacy policy to no longer make mention of cookies at all!

I find it disappointing that despite a few small changes, with the World Cup only 148 days away the site still doesn’t live up to its R6.5 million world-class-showcase-promise.

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