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A Musical Interlude: MTV online.

Fatboy Slim |MTV Music

We interrupt regular programming to bring you Fatboy Slim’s – Weapon of Choice music video.

Posted here because a) It’s brilliant work, and b) to let you know that MTV is now offering a whole stack of their music videos online, free. Throw away your television. Enjoy the revolution.

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Do Not Date Him

A brand new militant-female-name-and-shame site came to my attention this morning. DoNotDateHim offers women the opportunity to socially network around bad guys. If ever there was a communal rallying point for women, oh dear, they’ve found it. Man-bashing social networks, for the win. It’s a pretty smart concept, and will hopefully help many jerks reform their ways, but obviously there is also grand potential for abuse by vindictive users.

So how about a DoNotDateHim Facebook widget then girls?


Learn a Language Online with Babbel [Failed New Years Resolutions Dept]

Babbel Logo

I came across today, which looks like an awesome language learning site that is also pseudo community/social network driven. So you can learn a new language from native speakers over the interwebz! They’ve currently got English, Spanish, French, German and Italian training modules on the site, and from my first six French words learned, it seems the learning interface is simple, intuitive and comfortable.

I’m not sure how deep the modules go into sentence formation and conjugation of verbs, but if you need to brush up on that foreign vocab, this might be just the site for you.

Oh, and it’s free too.

Link to

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The Parlotones – A World Next Door To Yours

Parlotones - A World Next Door To Yours

I finally got my grubby paws on The Parlotones‘ new album – A World Next Door To Yours – after hearing pieces of it at a friend about a month ago and then of course attending the album launch at Tings n Times.

I must admit I was pretty worried when I started listening to it that it would turn out to be a horrible disappointment. When you consider the smashing success that was “Radiocontrolledrobot” you expect that the artists could only go downhill from that high.

Not wanting to make an immediate judgement I put the disk in for a second spin. Bang! I was hooked. It is astonishing how much the songs grow and develop as you listen to them. The album draws you in and takes you on a whirlwind ride through the emotionally charged landscape that is the kingdom of the Parlotones. Pure brilliance starts to shine through as you tiptoe cautiously and then barge frantically through the 14 track album. It’s early days to choose a favourite, but having seen it live and hearing it on the disk “Solar System” is definitely one that shines out.

As of this writing its R110 on Its a steal.

Link to buy album.

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