To Bike or Not To Bike – There Is No Question

A little over a month ago I was lucky enough to have my first ever ride on the back of a superbike. It was on a beautiful, dry, wide open piece of road between Lydenburg and Dullstroom with a biker who I trust implicitly and it was incredible. It left such a strong impression that I’m now quickly approaching the day when I get a bike of my own. Yep, 28 years in and the biker bug has eventually bitten. Pre-midlife crises rock.

So what do you need to do this whole bike thing?

License. (Learners at least)
Bike. (Or money or credit to get one)
A Gang.

I started with none of the above.

Over the next few blog entries I’ve decided to describe the process I’m following in my attempts to get street legal on two wheels. It isn’t an easy path, but if I look at my timeframe thus far, I’m doing pretty damn well – keep an eye out for the next entry which will describe the process of obtaining a learners license.

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