Acer e-(non)Performance Management

Image via Wikipedia I hate the stupid bits of junk software that get bundled with a newly purchased machine. “Here’s your windows sir, and it comes with Acer blah bla, Acer blah, DVD-blah, and an ancient version of Adobe Acrobat.” Little did I know how damaging this software could be. Two months ago my Acer […]

Why “Windows Vista” is a bad name…

I’m not alone in thinking that “Windows Vista” is a really bad name. Apart from the obvious ‘Hasta la Vista’ catch phrase which brings images of the Governor of California single-handedly shooting up Redmond. Hugh Macleod (I love his little sketches) thinks it is bland. I did a search for other “Vista’s” on Google. Here’s […]

Vista vs VISTA

So the news is out, the new version of Windows (aka Longhorn) is to be called “Windows Vista”. See the details here. Ok, ok, I’m no hero, I was tipped off by Robert Scoble. Pity they chose an unoriginal name like that. If I were Aperture, I’d think about legal action. See the Aperture website: […]

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