Why “Windows Vista” is a bad name…

I’m not alone in thinking that “Windows Vista” is a really bad name. Apart from the obvious ‘Hasta la Vista’ catch phrase which brings images of the Governor of California single-handedly shooting up Redmond.

Hugh Macleod (I love his little sketches) thinks it is bland.

I did a search for other “Vista’s” on Google. Here’s what I found: – Helping small business do more business.

Vistaprint – Full service graphic design and printing.

MontaVista – Feature rich video phone for the home – runs Montavista Linux. (snigger)

Vista – VISTA is a comprehensive suite of programs and databases for comparative analysis of genomic sequences.

Vista – Software engineering and System Integration.

AltaVista – The search engine.

Vista Software – Vista Software specializes in building high-performance database engines for Windows software developers.

Vista – Vista is a software environment for computer vision research.

Vista Magazine – The Magazine for all Hispanics.

Vista Imaging – Professional Digital Imaging Solutions.

Vista Gold – Vista Gold Corp. evaluates and acquires gold projects with defined gold resources.

Vista Training – VISTA develops training programs for the construction and surface mining industries.

Vista Healthplan – VISTA provides affordable health plans and access to one of Florida’s largest independent physician networks.

Vista Control Systems – Vista Control Systems, reflects the detailed view of your facility provided by our suite of real-time process control software products.

Bloody hell, I’m tired of Googling now.

Nope, Microsoft, you screwed up on this one. Scoble, I agree with your brother.

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