Xobni Makes Outlook Rock

Image via Wikipedia If you’re like me, you often find yourself stuck using tools dictated by corporate policy and tradition. One of my pet peeves in this area is Microsoft Exchange and the enforced use of Microsoft Outlook that Exchange brings with it. Yeah sure, nowadays you can actually use the free Evolution client, but […]

Why “Windows Vista” is a bad name…

I’m not alone in thinking that “Windows Vista” is a really bad name. Apart from the obvious ‘Hasta la Vista’ catch phrase which brings images of the Governor of California single-handedly shooting up Redmond. Hugh Macleod (I love his little sketches) thinks it is bland. I did a search for other “Vista’s” on Google. Here’s […]

Bold Office Moves – The Empire Strikes Back

So according to the folks at Channel9, Microsoft has just announced their new XML-based file formats. This goes a long way towards finally reaching a documentation standard for all office suite vendors. No doubt OpenOffice will be able to read these documents (the idea for zipped XML was swiped from them anyway) , as will […]

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