Monthly Archives: March 2006

Geek Decision

It’s a really tough decision – I want both sooo badly. The prices and specs are roughly the same. Which way would you go?

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Slipping with Freud on Monday Morning…

Office Slacker: That Prison Break is actually a really good series. Me: Yeah, but I must get weed from Rudi… Office Slacker: Ummm, don’t you mean “Weeds“? Me: Er, yes. Did I just say that out loud in the office? Tags: Weeds, TV

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Hedonism, but no Skunk Anansie

I seem to have finally recovered enough from the past week’s activities to get this post up. I also managed to bruise my finger while playing guitar last night (new strings, no practice, visions of Metallica, etc), so if there are any typos please bear with me. 21st March was Human Rights Day here in SA (It also happens to be the start of the quick slide into winter, which I hate), and so after …

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