Motor Finance Corporation (MFC) Sucks

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So here’s a letter which I sent on Friday to all the email addresses I could find at MFC (motor finance corporation) following their ghastly service.
Email addresses included: (address no longer exists),
Jaco Kruger – (read at 2007/06/25 08:19:34 AM )(he got a fax too!!!), Linda Thompson – (who read at 2007/06/25 09:20:44 AM and responded by palming me off to Louis Masilo, who hasn’t responded), (hehe, now that’s a joke),
Steven Khoza – (read at 06/25/2007 08:21:52 AM),
Pat Singh – (read at 2007/06/26 10:04:42 AM),
and (address no longer exists).

Oh well, at least now its on the internet for all to see… I have to be off – in search of a new finance house for my vehicle.

Dear Sir,

On Wednesday of this week I supplied the necessary detail as part of a request for a border letter to take my vehicle, Citroen C4 SKC002GP, into Botswana this weekend. This was well within the requirements stated of submitting the request 48 hours prior to departure. Having received no response I contacted the call centre today (Friday) as I am due for imminent departure, as was clearly stated on my request.

I was assured this morning that everything was fine and that I would receive the letter via fax early this afternoon. I proceeded to phone again at least 5 times at around 2pm, 3pm and 4pm to ensure that I would still receive it. Each time I was greeted by helpful call centre assistants, each time giving out my ID number and each time I was assured the letter was on its way. At one stage I even had two call-centre assistants on the line simultaneously. I also spoke to Mr Jaco Kruger a number of times who also assured me the letter was forthcoming. Upon calling at 4:40pm the call centre was closed and I received an abrupt message detailing MFCs office hours.

I am now in a position where I am unable to take my vehicle across the border to my destination. It is also Friday evening which leaves little option for making other arrangements. Any arrangement I do make is going to become an extra expense which I will then have to bear. As you should understand, I am rather irate. Fuming, in fact. I’m also highly distressed and am questioning my choice of MFC as a finance house. This
is also reflecting very poorly on potential future dealings with the Imperial Bank group as well as Nedbank Group.

Needless to say I will be investigating a transfer of my business to another financial institution upon my return to work on Tuesday.

Thank you for your time. I now need to go make other arrangements for my early morning departure tomorrow. On the off chance that you receive this mail on Friday evening, a prompt reaction to rectify this state would be most welcome.

Should you wish to discuss this incident, please feel free to contact me.

Shaun Dewberry

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My husband got retrenched. Im the sole breadwinner. Cannot pay the installments fully. Asked the lady who is dealing with my file to cancell my debit order. Seeing that the debit order will fail because of lack of funds. Everutime it fails i must pay over ar50. And they unlawfully put a traker on my account. Everytime the tracker fails to get money. I must pay over R70 . With the result i must pay over R900 of failed debits. The Lady whos dealing with my case is not understanding of my situation. Shes not giving me an alternative . Or giving me the option to lower my installments to make it easier for me to pay. I heatd about i can move my account to another finance house. Maybe thats what i need to do. To people who understand.

In year 2014I went to fnb branch to make a transfer to my mfc motor acc which was linked to my fnb acc only to find they have changed acc details without informing me.
I tryed contacting them telephonically but it took more than ten minutes to speak to a consultant.a month later a woman called n verbalised xe wanted mylocation so could come n take my vehicle since I havent made my payements. Wen I asked about acc changes tjoooo she shifted the blame tjooo! What a horrible expirience. Another thing mfc have never send me any astatement of my vehicle acc but every time I make acall they always wants me to confirm my postal adress I dont know what is it for since they dont make use of it.

Never wul i do any business with mfc change of ownership done 2 years ago to nedbank without notification while im paying and driving the car i can not get n licence disk no statement what so ever after 7 years and no licence disk i owe them money 2 debit orders not paid i offer to pay that off and paid every month they refuse my license disk as i am a rep i lost my house my income so sad the car is bow oaid in full no papers no licence disk pleasebe carefull

The very awkward and uncalled conduct of mfc to me as a client. Since March 2016 I’m awaiting my car certificate to be posted to me cause I don’t owe mfc any money. Till today I’ve never received my certificate and when I call the call centre they always put me on hold, mfc has a very poor service and they don’t have services to their clients at heart. I’ve tried to send email to them to request my last statement, their reply was they won’t furnish me with a statement cause I hvent written my ID on the email, I did send them what the wanted as a reply still even on this matter I’m still awaiting a statement to be send just via my email not even via post. I am really not happy with their poor service and their conduct towards their customers.

I have been trying to contact MFC for the past two weeks now , I normally hold for
an assistant for about 15-25 minutes or they answer and proceed to transfer me to
the “correct department”, then they cut my call(TWICE NOW). I wish I never had gotten involved with MFC…actually , I wish I had never gotten involved with any department from the NEDGROUP altogether! POOR SERVICE!

This MFC is gonna be a third week now since they do not even know whether they received my monthly debit order or not. Iv been asking for their banking details to make EFT no one gives it to me. I give up, I never dealt with such a dumb institution. I regret the day I signed a contract with this bank.

Asked for a settlement amount, which they gave me. I settled the complete amount, and received a official letter, saying that they received the money. They told me to wait seven days, upon which I would receive my car papers. I still didn’t receive the papers, and upon requiring was told they made a fault, and that I still own them money. Since then I am battling to get my papers, and are told they are sorry they made a mistake. Even with the help of my Nedbank branch manager they still refuse to close my account and send me my cars papers. I never ever encountered such bad service in my life.

Hi ek het n bmw 320d f30 m sport 2012 model by Auto Rama klerksdorp NW gefinansier op die 28/06/2016 het nie voertuig gesien die verkoopsman (TOKKIE) het slegs fotos vir ons gewys , het bogenoemde voertuig op die 21/ 07/2016 gekry , die shocks was gedaan bande nie reg bonnet sleg gespray elektroniese fout het gese ek wil kontrak kanseleer , ek het MFC gekontak maar niemand wil help het ook Onbutsman gemail maar niks tans staan die bmw kan ni start het n GROOT probleem met MFC kan hul dan nie klient beskerm

My vehicle was a write off, my Budget insurance paid a portion to nedbank mfc as my finance house late september, 136k to be exact, had a shortfall of 35k and MFC was to facilitate that with regent insurance as the adcover insurer, I have called a hundred times, only to be referred to a rosy josephs who apparently has my claim, who never picks up the phone and never communicates, im at my wit’s end with this mfc, why did I have to sign any paper with them. its november and this time im just going to stop the debit.

I have to agree with the fact that mfc gives pathetic service. Will never use them again for future finance. I had received rude and poor service by a woman named Constantia Makhabula handling my arrear account. I had to put up with her sarcastic attitude when trying to clarify the arrear amount. After receiving no joy from her, I told her off and cut the call. I then sent an email to her manager Sello Mabodimo whom I liased with previously requesting him to change the person I deal with in future. Guess what …no reply. Mfc seem to only know clients when we owe them money. They don’t care whether the car we purchased is defective or decent which was my initial complaint when I purchased my Hyundai i10 ie the car was defective. Let me also mention that I won’t purchase from Hyundai again either. Their vehicles are manufactured from very inferior materials. I’m just fed up of both companies and my car is only 8 months old.

Mfc sucks’They quick to send the repo guys yet I tried calling them to make necccesarry payment Arrangements as I lost my JOB and could not pay my installments for a few months
I have paid for 4 years no defaults ‘yet they refuse to listen to reason,I have started paying my installments again and the repo guys keep coming, I refuse to give up my care which is almost finished paid so they MFC/NEDBANK can make a quick buck.PLEASE TRY NOT TO GET FINANCE FROM THEM’THEY ARE RUTHLESS NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER

My experience exactly.moved from pillar to post eventually making perfect circle.and then still no help!

I have been waiting for my certificate since 16 July 2015 after making my final payment to MFC. I requested the settlement amount the day before I paid and on the morning of the day that I paid that settlement amount, and there was no difference on the amounts.
Four months down the line, when I enquired about the certificate, I was told that I still owe one month’s installment because the settlement amount I paid did not include the installment of the current month. I tried to seek clarity on the matter but was told I must pay, which I plainly refused to do. Every time I check on the status of my account on their website, I get the message that ‘No Information Available’. I hqve given up on MFC and Nedbank group.

MFC is just crap, I pay either cash deposit or Eft they always list me saying I pay my installment late. I have asked for the payment history from them and it show that i have paid my debit in time by on credit bureau they listed me as misconduct. I was trying to apply for another finance and I’m not winning because of false judgement to me by MFC. Now I was told I have to wait though I have done nothing wrong. I have everything with NEDGROUP, Life covers, funeral covers, Investments Credit Card and other things but yet I’m treated like a crap. My name is in the shit house because of this MFC crap

MFC ARE the WORST service provider ever. I wish they would close down finally and disappear from the business sector. I have in fact a pending court case with them whereby I am suing them for not assisting me with a grey import vehicle that was sold to me and is currently broken but I still need to pay for it every month. They were fully aware of the issues I had with the vehicle from day one and yet they chose to not get involved by assisting me to get rid of this vehicle. MFC SUCKS!!!!!!

My son bought a brand new bike and the interest was almost the same price as the bike. The bike got stolen and the insurance paid about half. My son now has to go on paying the interest even
though the policy is cancelled. I was rudely told that they are not responsible for his debt. He pays about R1000.00 per month to them for nothing. The last payment will only be in January 2019. One would think that when the policy is cancelled that the interest would also be cancelled. Not so!!!

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