Motor Finance Corporation (MFC) Sucks

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So here’s a letter which I sent on Friday to all the email addresses I could find at MFC (motor finance corporation) following their ghastly service.
Email addresses included: (address no longer exists),
Jaco Kruger – (read at 2007/06/25 08:19:34 AM )(he got a fax too!!!), Linda Thompson – (who read at 2007/06/25 09:20:44 AM and responded by palming me off to Louis Masilo, who hasn’t responded), (hehe, now that’s a joke),
Steven Khoza – (read at 06/25/2007 08:21:52 AM),
Pat Singh – (read at 2007/06/26 10:04:42 AM),
and (address no longer exists).

Oh well, at least now its on the internet for all to see… I have to be off – in search of a new finance house for my vehicle.

Dear Sir,

On Wednesday of this week I supplied the necessary detail as part of a request for a border letter to take my vehicle, Citroen C4 SKC002GP, into Botswana this weekend. This was well within the requirements stated of submitting the request 48 hours prior to departure. Having received no response I contacted the call centre today (Friday) as I am due for imminent departure, as was clearly stated on my request.

I was assured this morning that everything was fine and that I would receive the letter via fax early this afternoon. I proceeded to phone again at least 5 times at around 2pm, 3pm and 4pm to ensure that I would still receive it. Each time I was greeted by helpful call centre assistants, each time giving out my ID number and each time I was assured the letter was on its way. At one stage I even had two call-centre assistants on the line simultaneously. I also spoke to Mr Jaco Kruger a number of times who also assured me the letter was forthcoming. Upon calling at 4:40pm the call centre was closed and I received an abrupt message detailing MFCs office hours.

I am now in a position where I am unable to take my vehicle across the border to my destination. It is also Friday evening which leaves little option for making other arrangements. Any arrangement I do make is going to become an extra expense which I will then have to bear. As you should understand, I am rather irate. Fuming, in fact. I’m also highly distressed and am questioning my choice of MFC as a finance house. This
is also reflecting very poorly on potential future dealings with the Imperial Bank group as well as Nedbank Group.

Needless to say I will be investigating a transfer of my business to another financial institution upon my return to work on Tuesday.

Thank you for your time. I now need to go make other arrangements for my early morning departure tomorrow. On the off chance that you receive this mail on Friday evening, a prompt reaction to rectify this state would be most welcome.

Should you wish to discuss this incident, please feel free to contact me.

Shaun Dewberry

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I was foolish to finance my second vehicle with MFC in 2006. I requested a transaction report listing all my payments with a breakdown of capital & interest paid. Every month has a different interest deducted. They even took 3 months payment as one & charged me huge interest. Who can I contact legally to sort them out?

Hi Adrian.Pls supply me with an e-mail address where I can get in contact with you – I have a similar concern about their interest application.These crooks got away with too much fraud for too long.

I have been trying to get MFC to change my contact details for 2 months – can you cope!! So I know the frustration of dealing with these incompetents!!
I have recently discovered a website called HELLOPETER.COM
You can either list compliments or complaints and these are sent to the suppliers, they also monitor the feedback you receive. I had major problems with my car and home insurance – and managed to get a decent response through this web.

Please help!I traded in a Tazz 130,2003 that is double finance with MFC and Wesbank.MFC customer i.d :7502185402086
Wesbank customer i.d :8203035740085
Both these customers bought this car from Auto Pedigree in Bloemfontein and they both paying for the same car.I’m about to lose my job because of this can someone out there help,i’ve ran out of ideas.
My cell number is 0722348434
I traded the car 4 months ago and my Boss refuses to settle this car with wesbank as my customer is the Wesbank one and his still paying off the instalments so yah i’m in trouble!

I am about to surrender my car because of their poor service. MFC service stinks.

Why dont i get statements every month?infact havent received any post since i bought my car!!!

Thank guys for opening my eyes. I applied for car finances and MFC was the first to respond with Prime+1 offer.
The offer was tempting since Nedbank offered me 17% and ABSA 20% interest rate. But after reading this…no I reconsider

I bought a nissan 4×4 from auto pedigree.Before taking delivery i tried to cancell the deal to rather take a ford 4×4.I was told it could not be done as i had already sighned for the bakkie.It was about 1 week later that i got the bakkie due to repairs and new radio/cd.I wish i had never heard of mfc as they suck.My vehicle is now 1 year old and i still have no idea as to how much i owe mfc seen as i dont get statments or feedback when i phone them.Perhaps i should stop paying and let them fetch the bakkie.

I bought a Ford Bantam at one Ford dealership. All was done swiftly, professionaly and I was happy with the service I got. It’s now 5 days since i got the bakkie and I’ve been happy since day one. Today I visited this site and felt like shedding a tear after going through each and every one of your comments. honestly you guys burst my bubble. Now what? since the contract has been signed, should I just hope that I don’t fall vitim to their poor service? or is there an alternative? if there is please feel free to bombard me with information. Now I wish I had visited this site earlier. Peace to you people.

Hi. Their service is the worst you will ever find. Never again i will make use of their services again!!!!!!!!

Please can someone contact me on 011-877 3600 with regards to my failure to paying my instalments
need urgent advise on how to cope.
Maybe i need to give the car back for something cheaper or other arrangements. Currently i cannot afford to cope with my instalments


Paul Sifasonke Mnisi
Mobile : 082 4584794


Deal 1 ( MNISI P04086312) Instalment premiums R2,728.83 per month

In the year 2004 on the 25th day of August I purchased a used 2003 TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 DE R/Body (Engine No: 5L9138108 & Chassis No: AHT31LNK90801771) priced at R204,229.99 including Credit Life and Other extras plus Vat and Interest. I never got to see the breakdown of the extras as per invoice. I was never pleased with the condition of the vehicle 3 after delivery by Andries Moagi at Punda Maria.

The problem I encountered with the vehicle were reported to the Dealer more than three times and only called in two times to try and fix it. It then appeared to me that the problem was far beyond their Mechanical expertise when they failed on both occasion. I further discovered the color mismatch that revealed to me that the problem could have been as a result of a serious accident, and such info was never disclosed to me by the dealership’s sales rep.

Thoughts of returning the vehicle crossed my mind on many occasions and I informed the Sales Rep Andries Moagi that the problems that the vehicle had for the price that I was paying was ridiculous and why did they not disclose the vehicle’s accident damage status to me beforehand? He (Andries Moagi) then referred me to his Manager (Martin Viljoen) who was rude and unhelpful. The matter was only given some attention after TOYOTA SA’s intervention, I was then told that I can return the vehicle on one condition that I get another vehicle from them.
Deal 2 ( MNISI P05045169) Instalment premiums R3,993.00 per month

As it was hard for me to live with the vehicle I was happy to swop the vehicle for another given on condition that the premiums will not be R200.00 more than the then current. I was contacted by Andries Moagi 7 months later informing me that he had a new bakkie for me priced at R133,333.33 . By then I was based at Mapungubwe National Park in Musina, and I had to undergo a business trip to the Golden gate Highlands National Park in the Free State province for 7 days.

The raised body bakkie was in no good condition to get me there, and Andries Moagi offered to give me his demo (Red Toyota Corolla) to use it to get to the Free State Province on the condition that I immediately sign the documents he was about to send me. He faxed me the deal 2 contract with the figures, and upon receipt I phoned back to question why such a huge difference on monthly premiums (R3,573.05 on residual) and the price hike (from R133,333.33 to R288, 509.70). His response was I should not worry much about this, the premiums will be adjusted and I will be given an original contract whereby everything will be explained to me.

Twenty months has been too long, and I could not wait any longer for no action.

I only managed to see a pro-forma invoice on the 25th of January 2007 (almost 21 months later) whereby the extras were explained telephonically. There was a mention of a sail (that I never got with the vehicle); supersec which was said to be a top-up insurance which is optional; Credisec which is said to be a Creditlife/Life cover which is similar to my Old Mutual Life cover that I took out in 2004; Colour Light Blue as this was not a new car, it was used (demo) according to the Dealer Financing agent.

I complained telephonically and in person to the Dealership to: Johnny Blaauw (Tel & Pers); Thabo (Tel & Pers); Jacqueline Du Plessis who unknowingly signed as witness on both conracts confirming that the contracts were signed in Tzaneen (Tel & Pers) and Mr. Pieter Van Heerden the Manager telephonically.

The above people all seemed to hear me with understanding, but could not be a solution or follow-up the transactions of the contracts.

With MFC you never get to speak to a soul who can make decisions except for l**sy and brainl*ss agents and consultants. I have ended up surrendering the vehicle to them (MFC) as a result after I last spoke to Vanessa Patel (an MFC’s legal consultant).


Hi Shaun.
Small world indeed… I was just looking for an email address for mfc also to forward my compains regarding my struggle to obtain a border letter from them.

I currently undergo the same “pain in the ####” as explained in you letter June 26th 2007.

It is now 14h40 and stil waiting on empty promoses. My last phone call about 30 minites ago speaking to Mr Elester Botha at mfc he confirmed that my letter will be faxed rightaway.

STILL waiting.

I needs to depart tomorrow on a busuness trip to Mozambique pending on the letter,if not I will have no other choice as to lodge a lost of income claim to them

As an employee of MFC, I feel for your frustration. As someone mentioned earlier, there are processes to be followed. As these are once-off requests that you guys had trouble with, I can understand that you did not know what the procedure is and who the relevant contact people are. I can assure you that MFC are the leaders in vehicle finace and are the fastes growing currently. This should say something, right? Please allow us to serve you better by enquiring about procedures and getting in touch with the correct people to assist and we will give you service with a smile….

Thanks for the re-assurance ouboet – I must say that although I had a very negative experience with MFC, they *have* managed to get me all my statements, update postal address details quickly and easily and generally have improved their service since I posted this rant.

A lot of people with problems mentioned above are also not victims of MFC, but victims of the salespeople at car dealerships that failed to make clear the cost responsibility they were undertaking when purchasing a vehicle. Compound interest is a nasty, nasty thing if you don’t understand the full implications of the deal you are signing and don’t understand the way the vehicle market works.

On the upside, the new National Credit Act has put some very good measures in place to protect the consumer, and will hopefully make for fewer unexpected surprises in future.

Great to hear things are at least improving. I must just re-inforce the fact that the biggest victims here are ourselves. I can see everyday how us South Africans want to buy the most expensive cars, add the most extravagant extras, and then go and look for some-one else to blame ie. the dealership or the bank. So, people, don’t go and buy the most expensive car that you can afford and make sure you know what you sign for and get charged for. Also educate yourself with regards to such thing as to what the value of the car is that you are buying and what you will get for it should you trade it in again later. Secondly, decide which extras you really need and which you don’t. As Shaun mentioned the compound interest bites you later, as your vehicle depretiate quicker thatn you pay off the capital and to top that, you get no value out of your extras that you have paid for.

Bottom line……if you buy a house, you don’t go out and buy the first one you find, you do your homework. Why don’t do the same when buying a car??

Hi you Guys
I have moved to New Zealand about 11 mts ago, but before that I spend about 15 yrs in the motor trade in SA. Under the new Credit act you the consumer have rights that the banks dont want you to know about, as it will up then under to much risk re recless lending and banking practices.

If you are not happy with in this case MFC go to Absa, Stannic, Wesbank. What they can do is to get your settlement amount from MFC and arrange new finance on the amount, just under stand that if you settlement is R56000.00 and this amount may not include more than 3 days interest, but could include an early settlment amount, your new fin house then refinances you on your settlement and then put there inerest on that. What could happen if you had your car for say 2 yrs you could you end up paying less.

The new credit act is there to protect the consumer and if you go and study it, you will have them by the balls and have the power to apply some pain.

it is Tuesday morning 17 February and it is now 3 days ago that I have tried to get in touch with Motor Finance Corporation. I have held on for a total of 3 hours – eventually sent an e-mail to beg them to contact me STILL NOTHING! I have tried 4 numbers so far today and as I speak – am holding on again!! i want a settlement value!!! For pete’s sake – I want to PAY you guys!!!!!

How the hell am I going to get any service out of you. My husband has just purchased a vehicle through you and I feel sorry for him as he is going to come up against problems, just like all of us!!!

I am totally and utterly pissed off – feel like not paying you the balance and THEN I might hear from you if I am unlucky!!!!!!!

Hi guys,

any improvement yet? I am about to purchase a new vehicle, and where wondering after all these comments, if there’s been any imporvement at all, or should I steer clear and go somewhere else. Any suggestions???

Dear Reders,

Sorry, but all finacial institutions are fucking rip offs, take your atm card.Same minute of the day, at any given time say 100,000 people use their card.Now caculate what they charge you to draw your money ,which you paid to be deposited,fuck now tell me how big a theft that is.Cash in transit heisting cant even be that profittable.
The law say false advertising is illegall, fuck me they should close all banks.
You all saw the add,( high i landed a big contract where can i get finance) Look at every Bank ad, if i am wrong show me or proof to me how you started a buss: and show me how the bank helped you, i need to know as i have never seen a bank give a damm.
You make a appointmant see the Idiot they call the manager, you give him/her a buss: plan.He get that sudden dumm look in his/ her eyes(which is actually his genuine impression) if he can read, he will tell you he has to submitt it.Now for 6 weeks dumb is not available(on a course how to act more stupid)At last hello this is Mr. (they like to call them selves that) your application was not sucsessfull, you have already finish the contract with scrapping the bottom of the barrel.Dump fuck think he do you a favour by returning your 6 week ago call.
Hope they all go down the tube, bankers fucked, destroyed what ever as long as they get fucked up.

MFC is the only company who would give me finance for my car, that was about 2 years ago, when i had only just started working and was earning a pathetic salary. I haven’t had any problems with them. I phoned them a few weeks ago for a repayment schedule and i received it via email within an hour! I was most impressed!

@MRS NODDY Good to hear you’re getting great service. I think MFC have managed to pull up their socks a bit – I was able to make a large payment towards my principal debt without too much hassle recently. So yes, things seem to be getting better, but let’s not jinx things, I suppose.

hi shaun,trevor here,i,m also concerned over@couple things,for example statements [ did not receive for almost@five year paying contract by mfc not one single statement,@i hope for thei,re sake they read this@reply,do you have any comment or advice?

Hi Shaun, Yip, i suppose youre right, mustnt jinx it, touch wood 🙂
Glad youre getting slightly better service than before!

MFC are a bunch of sharks that look out only for their needs and if they have our money coming in to thier bank account.

I too had a horrific story that they completely screwed me over. That right now iam just trying to get out of this deal, they procecced knowing that all the veichles documentation was a C4 2005 model but financing it as a C4 2006 model complete different price then once i realised it they refused to cancel the deal saying that it’s too late to do anything.

Now i am taking them to court and all at my own expense, but ill make sure i sue them for every cent i’ve lost or had to put down to take it this far.



since the bank bought the car for me at may 2007 i never receive any ballance from you guys could you call me please on 0733894563 for mor details.


I sy MFC is the best and tops in Financing and customer service you have just experienced a bad experience as such happens where ever you go. MFC finances everything and anything and as A MFC EDC agent when i am in a situation to buy a car MFC is my first option as they take a while to repossess your vehicle and give you enough time to come up with your arrears should your account be in such a state

So sorry Shaun but there is more to it than just one unhappy/ bad experience


Funny thing happening to me today I am trying to get hold of MFC and get to this site
I am one of those people who understand that mistakes happen but to consistently screw up is not acceptable I have been a client of MFC for the last 3 Years this is also not the first car which I financed with MFC I have recently lost my work due to the recession never the less I have still mad payments every months now that I ask MFC to assist me in putting my account on hold for 3 months it’s not likely really possible……
So what 2 week ago I got hold of a Miss Patricia Fortein Tel: 021 9432962 who is dealing with my account explaining my financial situation, she said she need to forward the issue to management and will get back to me (GESS WHAT I AM STILL WAITHING) after 3 days I phone again asking if there is a outcome , it took here a good 5 min to know what I was talking about only to ask me the same questions as I explained the first time and why I need to put the account on hold then I get told that management must pass me to put the account on hold (REALLY) I am not righting a fuc…. test I have financial crisis … I was then told what options I can follow but must still make payment so I as please to put this in righting so I can have prove of what was arrange (NOT A PROBLEM STILL NO E_MAIL ) Today I received a notes that my account is arrears please make payment .phoning my trusted Patricia who deals with my account and have my inters at hard (NOT) only to be frustrated that she once aging had no fuc…. clue and took here 5min again to realise we spoke yesterday about the same issue
The point is I have a problem to make the payment for the next 3 months there is provision after that there is no excuse for this sloppy and poor handling of account

Hi my name is Kenneth Phiri and i have the same problem.their phones are always not working. i dont know how to get hold of this guys will somebody help me !!!

Hi all

I bought my first car from a private dealer in pta north, if I ever want to close someone`s busness it will be his. I were stupid, but again it was my first time. The guy at the dealer phoned and said I got finance at mfc for 15% interest. That seemed ok. We went to sign and stupid I did not check the interes. At the end of the day it was 20%.

Worst thing, I got this 2 year ” service ” book and seviced my car every 20kl. ( Again that was what the dealer said I must do) after a year or so my clutch broke for the second time. I phoned MFC and took the car in at a mechanic who can fix the car acording to the person I spoke to at mfc. The guy phoned back and said that They ( MFC ) are not willing to pay for fixing of the car, because I had to service it every 10kl.

What I am saying you can read everything in the book, you will still get scruwed. All is a money making plan.

I am APPALLED at MFC abd their so called client service!!!! “MFC is committed to offering great service to every client”. This sentence means nothing to me! I believe that this slogan or mission statement should apply to all the departments in the company, even the debt collectors. I work for an insurance company and the collection department is NEVER rude to anybody whether we are collecting on behalf of the company or on behalf of a client. The fact that someone owes the company money is not a reason to be rude to them, there are professional ways of collecting money, and other companies do it properly every day and still get their money! You try to get your point across to the debtor but also listen to what she has to say. NEVER in my life has anyone been this rude to me over the phone! Dimakatso Taukobong from MFC is very unprofessional, rude and discourteous! I do not appreciate her tone of voice! She cuts me off while I’m trying to speak, not even listening to what I’m trying to say and most inexcusably, SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! She shoots down everything I say. Horrendous telephone etiquette!!! You can almost feel her rolling her eyes at you; you can hear the disinterest in her voice and the sighing sounds that she keeps making, it’s very belittling. I have asked her numerous times to change my debit order date but still get the same flack from her about the same thing! Do the math, if you change my debot order date as i asked, you would get your money!!! Why can’t MFC just adjust my debit order date? This would solve the existing problem. I don’t enjoy being called by their debt collectors, especially Dimakatso! SO, change my debit order date!!!! I don’t ever want to hear that woman’s voice in my life. If I ever hear it again, it’ll be too soon! MFC should train their staff firstly, to speak ENGLISH and politely so and secondly, to be professional at all times! Don’t speak to clients like you speak to your children or your friends. Being rude and putting the phone down on clients is totally unacceptable where I come from, maybe it is acceptable at MFC, but I don’t think any of their other clients will appreciate it. MFC better tell their staff to SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT!!!! No-one will tolerate this attitude! I will find a way of moving my finance over, I will and when I do, i will campaign to everybody I know to do the same! I will advise everyone I know who buys a car to NEVER NEVER EVER even think of letting MFC finance it! I am disgusted at how they treat people!! It’s not worth it at all. Where is the great client service?

Hey Shaun!!

I am so glad there are someone that feel’s the same way as i do!! I am struggling to get hold of them and they also NEVER comes back to me. They did not take off my debit order for 2 months now and now they send me stupid sms’s to say that my car are in ARREARS!! Not that i know how the f*#@$% that happens because there are more than enough money in my account! So i called them to ask whats going on and then they were suppose to take the debit order off last week ,,,,,,, STILL did not happen,so now i am 3 months behind, but hey guess what,it is their problem if they need to come take the car, THEN they will see the real ME!

MFC-The WORST company you can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here I was thinking they must have forgotten to post me my statements. Seem like this is not such an uncommon thing for them. 5 min before I saw this page I was struggling to get hold of them, so I think I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. MFC if you ever read this post “ Do something about your service guys there’s a lot of angry people here that wants to chop of some balls “ I would listen to them and do something about it, and sommer right now ja !!!


The Guy that quitted while he was ahead.

Hi guys

i have just joined MFC in April and i’m recieving fantastic service i got myfirst statement already. Yesterday i called them and within a minute the phone was answered and got a great service from Brenda so i forgot to ask something so i just drop an email yesterday to ask somebody to call me back and to send my statement to email adress this morning lerato called me and got a fantastic service too. I believe that not all MFC employees are rude. its just unfortunately that you guys came across rude people, but the moment i saw this site i was always ready for the worst and i told myself that if they donot send my satement i’m consulting my lawyer.

PS:Good luck, i hope you guys also get hold of them.

Hi Guys,

Just need to let you know that i’m still receiving fantastic service from MFC.Last week Thurthday i sent back Border letter application to MFC and Friday i got border letter conformation,however there was a mistake on the Border letter, My Surname was spelt wrong so i sent an email yesterday asking them to correct it and send it back to me.
Right now i have just recieve an email from them with the copy of the border letter that is corrected.
I’ll be leaving here next week to Swaziland with everything sorted.

MFc is totally terrible they make everyone feel like they are criminals and especially there Credit department and there so called credit manager Hennie and his consultants that definatly do not know how to handle people never mind customer service as they have no people skills!!~!They really really upset me today as I was trying to phone in on behalf of a family member who is 75 years old and they refused to speak to me and still told me off – and Im suppose to be the customer and i had all the details from the account number to id and what makes me sad is this person cant talk for themselves.

To hell with you, I hope your company gets taken away by a huricane.


I hate it when everytime i miss a payment you(mfc) decide to throw my account to debt collectors.I mean these vultuers are also making money from me,the same money i would have paid to mfc now i must pay these collectors…what nonsense.How am i supposed to cover up the missing installment if i must also enrich these debt collectors.

oh, and plse reinstate my licence that you withdrew from lisencing dept.

Me and my husband bought my Polo about 3years ago. After my husbands salary has been cut with more than 30% we decide to go under Debt Counselling to protect our assests. Our order was granted in May 2010 by the court in which we must pay a certain amount over to a NPDA and they are paying over to the creditors. Please note that all payments is up to date. Suddenly in January 2011 i certain guy phoned me and tell me “where can we meet – he just want to reposes my polo”. So, I replied: Sorry “little man” where is your court order that you actually terminated my debt counselling which thereafter you must proceed with a Summons, Default Judgment and then a Warrant with the local sheriff to reposes my car. I never heard of him again.(sometimes it helps when you working for a lawyer and i did dect collections for 12 years).

So today i received another call from MFC. We please wants to reposess your car. Why??? They dont receive any payments and THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW I WAS UNDER DEBT COUNSELLING BUT THE COURT ORDER AS WELL AS THE MOTION WAS SEND BY THEM WHICH THEY CONFIRMED THE RECEIVED. Once again i send all the documents to them.

What will happen to people who does not know a little about the law????

Maybe by tomorrow i will have an answer.

But MFC sucks!!!!!!

I’hve purchase my vehicle in march 2010 with good job then 2011 my job was redundent, manage get a temp 2 pay 4 instalments then the contract is over and the battle starts with my next job which my salary is lower had a meeting made a written agreement about paying normal payment but the person did even ask what can I afford to pay or arrange 4 new instament 4 less 2 ease my instalment. This wednesday 2012-111-14 my vehicle is going 2 b removed from me.

an institution like mfc thats where you get congested even before work time you can hold for hours with no help .I need a border letter but I find no help at all .I think they have one call agent .for the record I say they are useless for sure

its very stupid of them not supply clients with their email address

I will never use mfc again. I wanted to get my statement but then I got the response that they have my wrong number and email address. I called but then they said they can’t update my details I need to go to the branch. They can’t update me about my payments.

I’m disappointed with MFC. I finished paying my car July 2013. until now I didn’t receive papers to prove my ownership of the car. When I call they send me from pillar to post and end up saying they will send. After months of realising that they didn’t keep their promise. When I call them they promise to send. I’m scared that maybe someone is owning another car with my papers. MFc are you professional like other banks?

Wesbank emails you change of ownership papers 4 weeks prior to paying last installment.
Go to MFC with ID and account number and demand change of ownership papers asap.

I am waiting to be contacted from early today and I was promised to be contacted but since then NO response I wanted to do payment arrangements because am on arrears since then am stressing my cellphone number is

Ohhhh lord i thought this m.f.c is better useless people how difficult is it to send me my statement so i can settle car

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