Motor Finance Corporation (MFC) Sucks

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So here’s a letter which I sent on Friday to all the email addresses I could find at MFC (motor finance corporation) following their ghastly service.
Email addresses included: (address no longer exists),
Jaco Kruger – (read at 2007/06/25 08:19:34 AM )(he got a fax too!!!), Linda Thompson – (who read at 2007/06/25 09:20:44 AM and responded by palming me off to Louis Masilo, who hasn’t responded), (hehe, now that’s a joke),
Steven Khoza – (read at 06/25/2007 08:21:52 AM),
Pat Singh – (read at 2007/06/26 10:04:42 AM),
and (address no longer exists).

Oh well, at least now its on the internet for all to see… I have to be off – in search of a new finance house for my vehicle.

Dear Sir,

On Wednesday of this week I supplied the necessary detail as part of a request for a border letter to take my vehicle, Citroen C4 SKC002GP, into Botswana this weekend. This was well within the requirements stated of submitting the request 48 hours prior to departure. Having received no response I contacted the call centre today (Friday) as I am due for imminent departure, as was clearly stated on my request.

I was assured this morning that everything was fine and that I would receive the letter via fax early this afternoon. I proceeded to phone again at least 5 times at around 2pm, 3pm and 4pm to ensure that I would still receive it. Each time I was greeted by helpful call centre assistants, each time giving out my ID number and each time I was assured the letter was on its way. At one stage I even had two call-centre assistants on the line simultaneously. I also spoke to Mr Jaco Kruger a number of times who also assured me the letter was forthcoming. Upon calling at 4:40pm the call centre was closed and I received an abrupt message detailing MFCs office hours.

I am now in a position where I am unable to take my vehicle across the border to my destination. It is also Friday evening which leaves little option for making other arrangements. Any arrangement I do make is going to become an extra expense which I will then have to bear. As you should understand, I am rather irate. Fuming, in fact. I’m also highly distressed and am questioning my choice of MFC as a finance house. This
is also reflecting very poorly on potential future dealings with the Imperial Bank group as well as Nedbank Group.

Needless to say I will be investigating a transfer of my business to another financial institution upon my return to work on Tuesday.

Thank you for your time. I now need to go make other arrangements for my early morning departure tomorrow. On the off chance that you receive this mail on Friday evening, a prompt reaction to rectify this state would be most welcome.

Should you wish to discuss this incident, please feel free to contact me.

Shaun Dewberry

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Fuckers! I would’ve been a spitting, raging, foaming example of how to be really, really pissed off if that had happened to me. Good on you for keeping things all polite and stuff.

MeeA: I was cursing and pissed off like there was no tomorrow – they can thank their lucky stars I didn’t get hold of one of them on the phone because all politeness would have been done away with. I think everyone at work in the vicinity my desk either quickly left the office or steered clear for a good hour.

Nadia: Yeah, you KNOW my insurance broker rocks! 😉

Of course they still haven’t got back to me…

Hi Shawn

Searching (Googling) for this MFC nonsense on the net and the first thing i see is your name! Ha ha ha !!!

howw have you been – christy is coming over mid august. must arrange a get together of us olf bhs’ers.

keep well!

I have just put forward a finance application for a vehicle today and guess who it was through! Guess i shouldve googled them a little earlier.

I still in the middle of all this. My vehicle was written off three months ago. My insurance paid the settlement amount almost a month ago and MFC still has not settled my account. They’ve also been deducting the last three months premiums although the instruction to setlle the account was made on 20 May 2007. Gimme my money back!

The service levels at MFC is absolutely pathetic. I recently requested them to supply a de-registration document and settlement letter for an insurance claim after a client’s vehicle was stolen. It took me more than a month to get this matter finalised and every time that I tried phoning them they simply played music in my ear.
Definately a no-no to do business with MFC as far as I am concerned.

I work for a dealership and I shudder when I client says they are dealing with MFC because I know what hassles lye ahead. I have recently put in a complaint regarding their poor level of service and am yet to get an answer. I have had the phone put down in my ear, rudeness from a team leader, empty promoses from other staff members. How they stay in business is a miracle.

All of you should just get over yourselves.

In all businesses there are processes especially in a Financial Institute. There is nothing you or any one else could have done about it.

It just makes me angry that after just one little mishap you go all boss about it.


Instead of worrying about bigger things the little things upsets you.

To sum up what I want to say in three words:

GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


While a trip to Botswana may be a “little” thing to you, to me it was a big thing, with massive implications on my plans. Their process is obviously flawed, and it *can* be fixed.

In my opinion I’m allowed to expect the absolute best service. It is my right as a customer to be treated with respect and to be angry if I do not get the service I deserve. If your average amateur teenage waiter can make your service at dinner pleasant, surely a professional business person should be able to do the same with their service?

If nobody ever complains, nothing will ever get fixed, and then where will we end up?


The staff at MFC are completely incompetent. I has been two years after i have purchased my car , i have not yet received a single statement!!!

In this good old S of A the banks think they rule the roost. They grant finance and we the beggers must be gratefull. Service??? No sir, service is when you make a payment!! We help them make huge profits and they help us getting fooked. Just like our incompetent government they have too much power. Let’s burn them down and bankrupt them by not lending money from them. Fookers.

3 Months ago our Mercedes was financed by MFC. First payment due on 01/09/2007, whilst I requested the debit order to be due on 21/09/2007. Well, time went by. On the 04/09/2007 I tried to get in contact with somebody who could tell me why the payment wasn’t deducted. Speaking with 5 staff members to get an answer, I finally got this from them: “Because you’ve asked for the payment date to be changed, you do not need to make a payment this month(september). It will only be due on the 21 st October. Well, as far as I am concerned, a legal contract was sighned between MFC and me and no dates can be changed. Well, today is 24/09/2007 and again NO debit order through. I did then the same as the previous month and did a internet transfer. And oh, no statement up to date. According to the New Credit Act, customers can refuse payments if they don’t receive statements. One can’t complain about MFC’s service, for there is NO SERVICE!!!

I am keen to know more about non payment due to no statements received. However this will bite you back later. The problems with SA is we are not willing to complain and just keep on accepting pathetic service. WE SHOULD ALL COMPLAIN ABOUT POOR SERVICE LEVELS, THEN PERHAPS SA WILL COME RIGHT OR LAND UP BEING AOTHER ZIMBABWE.

I am having hideous problems with this pathetic company. Unbelievably poor service and utter incompetence so for fun I have used all the email addresses mentioned on this page and spammed them with my letter of complaint regarding their inability to pick a phone and call me and tell me when I can be expecting a refund they owe me. Well here is another one:

If anyone else has any email addresses please post them here so I can continue to spam them with my complaints until SOMEBODY responds!

small world… i was just looking for an email address for mfc to foward all my complaints!! thanx for the great work shaun, anyone trying to deal with mfc will know the pain and suffering you have to go trough to get your claim finalised. my special moment dealing with mfc was phoning them at 15:30 just to get a messaging service stating that the offices are closed, office hour being from 8:00 to 16:30!! and of course the special people cutting you off…
thanx for the email addresses, will do my bit of spamming now…

Bought my car in Nov ’06 and still not a single statement. Tried getting onto their website to check my outstanding balance but that was fruitless. I did miss a payment once and they called two days after the debit order date. Funny how prompt the response is when it is them who has been “done in”. They are quick enough to sign you up but seem to be pathetic with the follow through.

Bought my car 2005. Was writtem off 08/2006. Was issued with replacement car 09/2006. Car not registerd with MFC. In 03/2007 some geniius called Portia Maleka forgot to debit, and decided to debit twice in April.My car is still not registered with MFC. I haven’t received a single statement from them since 09/2006, yet I get letters regularly telling me of the next interest rate hike. Sent e-mails to manager Thokozani Phakathi, sent faxes to supervisor Veronica, even got an assurance that all will be fixed from Linda Thompson. I’m still waiting so somethin, ANYTHING, to be done. For a guaranteed sh*t service, go to Motor Finace corporation.
GR8 work Shauwn

I know that it is some time after your experience with MFC but I am so glad that I am settling my car and can get out of the deal with MFC I duped by the MFC agent at the dealer to use them and I have been paying since ( a higher interest rate than the quote as I discovered afterwards) and their useless service.

I know the feeling on the letter and the statements everymonth, I dont even know how much I owe,its been 2 years now trying to get hold of them but have no luck, anyone has a number of them

Unfortunately I also got my car through them. Their service is terrible(to say the least). They debited with more money & I was promised a refund in July. Nobody called me back & no refund came through. I decided to stop my debit orders & paid cash. Their service at the call center is appalling & i’m thinking of changing my car just so I don’t ever deal with them.

Someone help. I’m owing these guys R1800 & now I’m told I’m owing R3600. i called & spoke to an Oniva in collections & he said he’ll send me a statement (hopefully).They also called my mother & said they’re coming to re-possess my car. I don’t even know how much my instalment is cause they were debiting different amounts every month. I called now & a Dipuo said she can’t confirm my instalment(hahaha), but someone will call me back(I’m waiting ).


I hate to say this because I don’t like the way their site works, but a good option would be for you to approach with every detail you have on your current situation. They might at least have contact information that you can use to get hold of someone who can think.

Hope that helps.

Thank god there are people out there talking about poor service delivery.These dayes it is almost normal and sometimes expected to get bad , arrogant and in your face bad service at most places.From the petrol garage , any kind of helpline with a service where you can hold on.Pls try to get a settlement on the vehicle you have financed with any of the banks.Just plain fucking wrong!!

Can someone tell me if it makes sense to be paying an instalment of R3 980,00 excl. insurance for a ’05 model VW Polo Playa 1.6 bought in 2005. Missed 1 month instalment with them, their agent Oliver called whilst I was in labour left a rude message, when I got strength to call him back 3 days later,explained to him was is labour when he called told me he was not interested and was sending debt collectors to collect the vehicle. Have been trying to catch up with the installments but seem to be always one month behind although I have at times made double payments including debt collectors fees in a single month. Am not getting statements except interest rate hike letters.

how funny this all sounds when u not on the other side of the call ,talking to a very irate and rude person who is taking all the frustrations on you..this is all simple u have’nt received ur statements try calling to check if we have the correct address…on the system or update us of any changes..secondly telling the long story of how u”r sent from pillar to post and how bad mfc is>>> does not make it better, tip!..get straight to the point and state what it is u want ..itz easy guys try it next time works..

Hi Servicefreak, thanks for an advice.

Shaun, you lucky they’ve answered your calls. I’ve been trying to get hold of them for the past three months. I came across all this when I was looking for an alternative number. MFC service is atrocious.

Above it all they’re rates increase every second month which does not make sense. Those who received statements late, you lucky. I can’t even remember when was the last time I receive a statement from them.

I am still waiting for them to correct the spelling of my name on my documents – just to match my ID would be good (which they request of copy of)
Plus i have stopped getting statements after the 1st statement!!

OK – so where do we go to now – how do we take this higher?

this ha got to be the worst car financing company. If only I had known I owuld have never used them…I wish I ad seen these complaints before because I would have never used them. I have been paying(R3363) for my toyota yaris sedan for 2 year yet the settlement amount is R98181.76. Imagine is this was a BMW or Merc.

MFC must b having a problem within the administration section, I guess. it been four months now paying for my car but i dont receive my account statement. I called them before they told me it will b soted. still waiting. pls people b serious this is busines we need an update.

Cell: 076 1498 219

Wish I knew I would have refused when the dealership suggested them. Today is 11/01/2008 the payment has’nt been deducted. Except for the first payment- they have never debited on the correct date despite my please for this to be corrected.

Only received one statement to date of course regarding the interest rates hike.

Hi All

Just to tell you that the service levels of MFC have improved drastically
as I sent an e-mail this morning at 8.31am to and received a possitive response at 11.13am – So give the company a chance and deal with the correct people.

Hey Lynne,

Yes indeed it does seem like MFC has had a kick up the butt and are trying to improve things.

I called the other day to change bank details and it was done in a few minutes, and proved to be relatively painless. Of course I’ll only see the results if they get it right tomorrow!

I take back my previous statement.
In three (!!!!) months they still have not managed to change my bank account details, even after I contacted them a number of times

MFC Sucks!

Hi people. The MFC is a bunch of crooks and should be exposed for their scams. They have added 4 life policys to my account without my consent and added the full amount for it on top of the principal debt, meaning that we still owe more on the car as we did almost 2 years ago. Anyone with similar problems please come forward so that these people can be put out of business.

Hi People

I have just had a call from “Ayanda at MFC to confirm my bank details and address in order to send statements to me – Are you guys dealing with the correct people?

Hi all

Have been with MFC for nearly 3 years (1 to go), hassle free, but pretty much statementless (have received a few).

I’m now going to request border letter. Good thing I googled them sooner rather than later, as I need letter for beginning March…

Might keep you posted, but I hope my experiences will be better!

Now what do you know,ten min.ago i was actually considering MFC for finance.Thanks alot,all of you.

In short, MFC has NO service. They deducted my monthly payment from someone else’s account for over an year, now my credit record is poor because of MFC. I’m considering legal action.

MFC shareholders should know what is happening with their poor admin department. This is a true reflection of BAD MANAGEMENT.


Lets be realistic, when you buy the car you dont go to the Finance institution, you go to the dealer, if there is any policies added to your contract it is the dealer that adds it, as the Dealer gets paid commission for adding products onto your finance agreement, this is standard from all the banks not only MFC. The bank processes the documentation that the dealer supplies to them, if it was incorrect at the dealer you as the client should have picked it up and rectified it.It is very easy to point fingers the whole time, but come on, it is a collective effort, it is a good thing to complain about poor service in our country, every person deserves the right to good client service, but do you not have anything better to do with your time?????????Interest rate hickes is not determined by the banks, but by our goverment. I can give you some good advice as I have worked in the Banking and Motor industry for over 14 years. Before you buy a car do your homework.
When you sign the contract, make sure that every little thing on the contract is correct, if it is not the way you want it fix it there and then. Dealers are profit driven organisations they want to deliver the vehicle and get payd from the banks asap. They do not care about you financial position as they will target the next client and the next and the next.
The problem starts at the root (DEALERS). Also when completing a finance application, make sure all info spelling and handwriting is correct and neat.

Just want to add a comment to the above.The MFC added the policy’s AFTER the initial deal took place.One was added 3 months into the contract, one about a year afterwards and the other over a year after.This is not a simple mistake by mfc.Check out hellopeter and see it happens to quite a lot of people.Who knows how many people out there do not even know about this because they NEVER receives statements from these crooks.When we asked the MFC to explain how these policy’s got on the account they said that it is “telephonic agreements” which we agreed to.We then asked them to provide us with the recordings but they failed to sent us the “recordings”.One morning we just received a fax saying the policys were taken off.I wonder if this is not the reason why people are not receiving statements???

Date: 2/29/2008 4:28:43 PM
Subject: PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good afternoon

It might be good on your side but mine is VERY BADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

The service which MFC is giving us is pathetic.

Today, 29 February 2008, I called MFC requesting a copy of my CMA Policy.

The respondent sounded very professional and friendly and she promised me that I will receive a fax today.

Unfortunately, I had called five (5) times already requesting the copy to be fax through to me but still I have received nothing..

I had to change fax numbers because they claimed that they had faxed the document through to me but my fax which is just a hand stretch from me NEVER received anything from MFC. I had to use my colleagues’ fax numbers so that I can give to MFC and still NOTHING.

The last person I spoke to told me that she had faxed four (times) to me already and told me that her system will not give her access to print for the fourth time. What is wrong with MFC? What is it with their empty promises???

I told myself that the day I finish paying of my car, I WILL NEVER NEVER request financing from MFC.

They know NOTHING about Customer Service.

Just a little note in MFC’s defence. I am not doubting that all of you had 1 or more bad experiences with MFC, and I would also have been just as p’d off. (Always being the first to complain if I get bad service)

I have been with them for about 6 months, and 3 of those months I had problems with my salary, hence my debit order was returned. After phoning and explaining my situation, they helped me by giving me extensions on the date I have to pay.

But maybe I am just one of the lucky few, as so many pissed off people does prove that the service needs looking at.

I received a call from Mr Siphiwe Zulu today and after listening to my query he made investigations and discovered
that I was calling CMA not MFC. He explained to me that CMA is dealing with the service plan maintenance while MFC is financing my car.

I am satisfied with his explanation because he even called the number which I gave to him and proved that it was not MFC.

I therefore withdraw what ever has been mentioned in that e mail and wish to APOLOGIZE to MFC (Management and Staff).

I therefore think it is better for people who have problems or queries with MFC to verify their statements before discrediting MFC.

Hi All,
hows this one!
bought a vehicle from Stratus Motors
in Krugersdorp in Jan of this year,to date the the vehicle has not been registered by the Dealer,I keep getting told theres a problem with the paperwork so I contact MFC who financed the deal,because the Dealers been paid in full.
Am yet to get a reply from MFC and have taken it up with the Ombudsman,need some help on this one.

MFC – Please!! 3 cars and they have ballsed them all up. The latest is that have lost an e-mail for banking change details, sent 6 weeks earlier, then hand me over. But, then they admit its their fault, but dont do anything about it. I think its me and my lawyer on this one.

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